Verbal Cyanide

1 min readJan 10, 2023


A Poem about the downfall of man and how the tongue was the cause of it all.

Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash

Our tongues I feel are under-appreciated

And maybe even a little under-rated

But God knew exactly what he was doing

When the tongue was thoughtfully created

The tongue was meant to speak on faith, hope, and love

But thru-out time the tongue talked of wickedness, lies and deceit

While God became angrier looking down from above from one person to their mate

As his beautiful creation spewed corruption and hate

Sadly he said, “for they do not know, it is the tongue that’s determined my creations fate”

“Once again, the creation I made in my image, this time I thought would last…

Has made Revelations finally come to pass”

Sooner than later I say to thee, this creation I lovingly made will be in a prison

Never to be free

I gave you chance after chance over thousands of years

Now your tongue will forever make you cry thousands of tears




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