1 min readJan 2, 2023

On You Scroll You Petty Troll

A Poem and Serious to Light-hearted Ode to Internet trolls I’ve had such lovely encounters with on Social Media in 2022, especially TikTok

A Man frowning while looking at his cell phone
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

To the TikTok streets, she goes

Upset and mad, self-righteousness and sad

On you scroll you petty troll

And to start, you pick apart

Someone's v-i-d-e-o

With ridicule, and words so cruel, you are anything but cool

Take several seats, I said sit down, it's time we women take your crown,

it's like your face got stuck like that

from your 2-year frown.

A Queen your not, because you won't stop

Your judgemental ways

The hurt you've caused to some people,

sometimes will last for days

Do you have a grudge?

Look how you desperately judge,

Oh my goodness! Work on you!

It's like you won't budge

From your uptight, thinking-your-always-right

Disgusting attitude

Your ignorance was learned

My respect you haven't earned

It's time for this fallen, lowly, shady...

Don't even try to body shame!

Sit back for a moment and listen to how you sound.

You sound LAME!

So on you scroll you petty troll


I look around me and see others who are in love with words and wisdom just as much as me. So I've decided to stay. Thank you.. Passion+Progression=Writer